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If I would have to define myself in a few words I would say that I am an adventurous and pragmatic dreamer. Dreams feed the soul with a mission and fills the heart with passion. However, it is never enough just to dream, it is important to make dreams come true, even if the path is unknown, uncertain and unconventional.

I have always dreamed to experience different places and culture and to take mine elsewhere. This dream has led me to explore international things… international law, international trade, international relations, international organizations, international husband! After 5 year leaving, studying and working abroad with international issues, I feel the international dream came true!

I’ve learned after all this internationalization, that international is just inter-relations of individuals from different countries. As individuals we are much more alike than we are different, and as individuals, most of the causes for our problems and success happen locally, but, as a global community we are all interconnected.

Thus, now, my dream is to understand more how local issues are reflected globally and how global solutions can help local communities.  Suficiente is the first step in this new adventure!

For a more classic description of myself you can check my LinkedIn profile.

Stephan in front of the East side Gallery in BerlinStephan

There are two reasons why collaboration is the word that describes me best: I thrive living and working in open, creative and collaborative groups, and I have always studied and worked on different aspects of collaboration on a conceptual and a practical level.

Just like Nanda, I have always been drawn to the unknown and have found anything international fascinating. Working and living the international dream in Rome and Washington, DC, I realized that fulfillment has to be linked to work that directly affects people’s lives. While international politics, research and online collaboration have their role to bring about change in the world, it is often too far away from people’s day to day needs and issues.

Suficiente – for me – is about bringing my experiences and my ambition together. It is about building bridges: between our international networks and experiences and local realities, between Brazil and Germany, between virtual and physical.


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