Deu Beaga no New York Times!

The point of departure is Belo Horizonte, or Beagá (BH) as it is more commonly known. Beagá is my hometown. I lived here until I was 24 years old when I left to explore the world. In my time outside of Brazil I met Stephan. We are living together in Beagá since February 2009. […]

Deu Beagá no New York Times!


From bar to beach

It is decided: Stephan and I are starting our search in the Northeast of Brazil for the place we will build our Pousada (or Hotel de Charme) on 1 February 2010 (mirror date for all outside the US: 01.02.2010!). In a bit more than 3 months we will leave the waterfalls, mountains and bars […]

From bar to beach


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Second Tree Nursery of Natureza Bela

As minhas mudas...

With seedlings

Viveiro da Natureza Bela

Equipe da Natureza Bela

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