Suficiente means enough in Portuguese. To us, being able to live with Suficiente is a life project – the trip to Brazil’s Northeast is the first step.

Earth in our hands by aussiegall, flickr

Earth in our hands by aussiegall, flickr

Our motivations to try to live with Suficiente are personal, intellectual and spiritual. We understood that the logic of accumulation and consumption at the cost of our, others’ and earth’s health is not a good enough reason to live.

It is now scientific consensus that human activities have led to an increase in green house gas (GHG) emissions that changes our climate (the average temperature will be at a minimum 2 degrees Celsius higher). This change is already causing severe adverse effects on us humans and the ecosystems we depend on.

How bad climate change will affect us and the earth, will depend on our ability to change our habits and behavior : consuming consciously, producing consciously, cooperating more.

How bad climate change will affect us will depend on our ability to understand: we are not alone in the world (not as individuals or as species) – we depend on one another to continue to exist and to find a new balance.

This inter-dependency also unveils another challenge – the ecological problem is just one side of a coin. The same logic we use to exploit earth, we use to exploit each other. Earth and people have both been reduced to instruments feeding an endless desire for consumption of many and maintaining the power of a few. While the poor lack the minimum for subsistence, the middle class lacks time and health (physical and psychological). Both poor and middle class, therefore, have in most cases lost the ability “to ask why”.

Stephan and I are lucky not to be poor, but we are members of the “no time”, “no health” middle class. We understand, however, that we have a choice. We can choose to continue in this vicious cycle (and hope we won’t live long enough to see things falling apart) or we can choose to experiment and try to change. We have chosen the latter for we believe in the words of Gandhi we need to be the change we want to see happen in the world.”

We admit, however, that we are not sure how to do it and that we fear we might fail trying. This is why Suficiente is a Busca (or Search in Portuguese). This search has led us to traveling the Northeast.

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