Our Route

Having defined our objective, it is now time to start implementing it. The first challenge is to establish the route we are likely to take. The route is rather a reference and not an absolute plan. We hope we will have nice surprises along the way and we are willing to adapt. The route will combine beautiful places and places where we find examples.

Beautiful Places

Finding natural oases and beautiful places is not a big challenge in the Northeast of Brazil. We already have many tourist guides and we are looking forward to see all these places.

The places, however, acquire a more familiar face when we know our friends visited them and lived part of their stories there. This is why we also asked YOU where to go. So far we were gifted with many interesting, unique, charming stories of friends in the coast of Brazil. We have had 53 replies to our survey.

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Suficiente: Our tentative itinerary


In order to determine our route, we are working to map some of these examples and we are making some progress. The main strategies we are using before the trip are:

  1. To ask You and your friends. We have received valuable information through our survey and conversations with friends.
  2. Government websites and institutions
  3. Network of civil society organization located in the region of Belo Horizonte

Still, finding examples has been more difficult than identifying beautiful places. Some factors can explain our difficulty: lack of clear definition of examples, the interdisciplinary nature of activities geared to social and environmental inclusion and distance from the northeast.

The main difficulty is a lack of definition of what we consider an example. At this stage, however, we prefer to leave this definition loose, observe and learn as much as we can.

Nevertheless, what we mean by examples can be better understood through the following passage from Paul Hawken’s book Blessed Unrest. It describes what he calls “the largest movement in the world that no one saw coming”:

The dawn of the twenty-first century has witnessed two remarkable developments in our history: the appearance of systematic problems that are genuinely global in scope, and the growth of a worldwide movement that is determined to heal the wounds of the earth with the force of passion, dedication and collective intelligence and wisdom. Across the planet, groups ranging from Ad Hoc neighborhood associations to well-funded international organizations are confronting issues like the destruction of the environment, the abuses of free-market fundamentalism, social justice, and the loss of indigenous cultures. They share no orthodoxy or unified ideology; they follow no single charismatic leader; they remain supple enough to coalesce easily into larger networks to achieve their goals. While they are mostly unrecognized by politicians and the media, they are bringing about what may one day be judged the single most profound transformation of human society.

In line with the above, we consider examples anyone, who is part of this movement. This can be an individual who has chosen to live in a more respectful way with nature; rural and indigenous communities that have managed to maintain themselves organized around the principles of collaboration and respect to the Earth; civil society organizations that aim at improving the lives of people and promote the respect for the environment; companies that put the social and environmental outcomes of their activities at the same level as their need to earn money.


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